• How do I get a list of all Z* tables?

    How do I get a list of all Z* tables?

    You could use SE11 or SE16 or SE16n and then view F4 to see a list of all tables. But then you need to extract them….A better solution is to do the following, use SE16n on table DD02T and search on all Z* tables. (This will give the table and table text.)
  • Route Determination Naming Convention

    Hi Glynn,
    Do you have any tips on naming conventions for routes?


    The simplest is:

    country ISO code + numeric sequence.

    eg-India = IN0001

    The sequence can have a indicator for a plant (ship from) eg:
    IN1001 = India Plant 1 route 001
    IN1002 = India Plant 1 route 002
    IN3001 = India Plant 3 route 001
    IN3112 = India Plant 3 route 112

    But then the limit is 9 plants in a single country and 999 routes per plant. (Generally not many companies have more than 9 plants in a single country.)