• What configuration is missing between clients?

    Q – How do I see what configuration is missing between clients?

    A – Use transaction OY19. (There are a few methods to do this, this is an example) Create a comparison run ID. Then select for example “SAP Reference IMG”. Then select Create, then navigate to the node in the IMG you wish to compare, select it and then press the select node Icon, then select the transfer icon. (the area you selected in the IMG should now be yellow). Now enter a description. Select a client connection you wish to compare against and select Total Comparison or Total Comparison in background. You will then be given a list of objects/tables with values that are the same or different.

  • Requirements

    Two very powerful tables which can be used to check requirements of stock in MD04, are the tables VBBE (Sales Requirements: Individual Records) and VBBS (Sales Requirement Totals Record).

    Essentially if it is not in VBBE or VBBS dont expect it to be in MD04. If you do expect it to be in MD04 you need to re-check your availability check and transfer of requirements config.

    Also dont forget the report SDRQCR21. (Check oss for more info on SDRQCR21.)

  • Release locked transaction codes?

    How do you lock or unlock transaction codes?

    Answer – Transaction SM01.

    (But you may be referring to locking and unlocking entries. For this you can use Sm12 to see locked entry list.
    Or you may be referring to SMCL for the cross system lock. Please be careful when using SM12 and SMCL.) See other posts on its use.)

  • Material Account Assignment

    Q – When I look at a material movement accounting document, how does one see an example of the determination used in the account assignment?

    A – Use config transaction OMWB, select the chart of accounts/or press cancel. Then Select the Simulation button. Enter plant + Material + Movement type to see the account assignment.

  • SE16 or SE16n

    Don’t forget there are differences between SE16 and SE16N. SE16N is much more fun! There are many advantages of using SE16N as opposed to SE16, for example:

    • With SE16N you can check number of entries in background – good for production environments where the table is very large and timeouts occur.
    • You can see technical names and descriptions for fields.
    • You are not limited to table width.
    • The results are displayed in ALV grid format.