Glynn C. Williams (Author/Editor of SAPtricks.com) has consulted and implemented SAP in more than 39 countries, having been on customers sites in more than 19 countries within the last 18 years. The author of numerous bestselling SAP books. Glynn’s clients include amongst others; IBM, T-Systems, Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Schneider Electric and Transfield. Glynn’s experience encompasses more than 8 functional domains including SD, CRM, MM, WM, PS, PM, FI, CO, BW/BI as well as numerous solution integration roles, utilising EDI and SOA/AIF, he currently acts as a solution architect in SAP.

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Glynn’s books include:


cover for ebookISBN 1492865877 – “Advanced SAP Consultants Handbook”


ISBN 0071497056 – “Implementing SAP ERP Sales and Distribution”





ISBN 0072124040 – “Implementing SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution”




As well as other SAP books in Spanish (ISBN 8448128990) and Mandarin (ISBN 711108896) and numerous white papers/e-books.