SAP Tips – How is the cost determined in pricing?

In the order, the cost is generally taken from the valuation segmentof the material master.

In the billing document, however, it may have other sources. Depending on the business transaction, the costs can be taken from the goods issue of the billed delivery or, in the case of a third-party order processing or individual purchase order, from the respective purchase order, the goods receipt or the invoiceverification in purchasing.

The amountis obtained by calculating back amount = value / quantity.

What Customizing settings does the VPRS condition require for thispurpose?

To achieve that the actual costs of the business transaction areincluded in the VPRS condition, the condition category must be ‘G’ -Cost. Only in this case, the costs may be taken from the goods issue(or the invoice verification, goods receipt or purchase order).

Settings ‘S’ or ‘T’ take the value from the valuation segment of the material master only. The condition category should not have an access sequence and shouldbe flagged as statistical in the pricing procedure.  SAP also recommends that you define condition 004 and subtotal field ‘B’ in the pricing procedure.

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