SAP Tips – Determination of price unit and unit of measure:

In the SD pricing procedure sometimes you may be confused how the system determines the Net Price:

Determination of price unit and unit of measure:

a) The unit of measure (KOMP-KMEIN or YKMEIN) and the price unit (KOMP-KPEIN or YKPEIN) are taken from the last active, non-statistical price, if i absolute (‘BT’).

For example, if it is “EUR 10.00 for 1 PC”, the net price is also specified “for 1 PC”.

b) If no active price that is non-statistical exists, the system derives the unit of measure and the price unit from the first

active price that is statistical. But similar to a), this is only the case if it has neither a percentage nor an absolute calculation type.

c) If neither an active, non-statistical price nor an active, statistical price with the corresponding calculation type exist,

the base unit of measure of the material (KOMP-LAGME) is used as unit of measure and “1” is used as price unit.

Remember the currency of the net price always corresponds to the document currency (KOMK-WAERK).

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