Production resource tools

AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order
CRVD_A Link of PRT to Document
CRVD_B Link of Document to PRT
CRVE_A Assignment PRT data – equipment
CRVE_B Assignment equipment – PRT data
CRVM_A Link of PRT data to a material
CRVS_A Relationship of PRT internal number to
PRT external number
CRVS_B Relationship of PRT external number to
PRT internal number
Customizing tables:
TCF02 PRT categories
TCF03 Texts for the production resources/tools
TCF04 Status of the PRT master
TCF05 Language-dependent text table for PRT
TCF06 Field groups in the PRT master for
TCF07 Language-dependent texts for field groups
in PRT master
TCF08 Assignment of PRT master fields to field
TCF10 PRT control key
TCF11 Language-dependent text table for PRT
control keys
TCF12 PRT group key
TCF13 Language-dependent text table for PRT
group keys

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