CABS Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table
CUFM Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner
TCME Validity for Global Characteristics
KLAH Class Header Data
KLAT Classes: long texts
KSML Characteristics of a Class
AUSP Characteristic values
SWOR Classification System: Catchwords
KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
TCLG Class groups
TCLO Key Fields of Objects
TCLS Classes: Organizational areas
TCLST Classes: Org. Areas (Texts)
TCLU Class Status
COCC PP-PI attributes for characteristics
COFV Process management – process instr. charact.
in ctrl. recipe
COME Process management – message
CORE Process mgmt.- display characteristics of the
eval. version
PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter

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