External Send – email Output and Transaction SCOT

Question: How does the external sending of email for output messages for example standard Order Confirmation occur with SAPconnect?

Answer: The format of the output must be adjusted to be used by the SMTP email server as used in SAPconnect (transaction SCOT). Here is a quick guideline for email outbound processing only:

1) You have to adjust the profile of the SAP Web Application Server if you want to use the SMTP function. The SAPconnect send job can only be scheduled for servers on which SMTP has been activated. For this reason, you must activate SMTP for all of the SAP system’s application servers. – Use transaction RZ10.

2) You maintain the SAPconnect settings for the SMTP node. For more information on SCOT see standard SAP help:  Here

3) Next the original format of your standard output,for example order confirmation output could be in SCR (Standard SAPscript). In this case the SD messages are transferred to SAPconnect in SCR format (SAPscript) these are then converted to OTF format and may be converted to PDF format in accordance with the conversion rules in the IMG.

The configuration for the system is done in “SAP Customizing Implementation Guide–> SAPNetWeaver –>SAP Web Application Server -> Basis Services -> Communication Interfaces -> SAPconnect Client-Wide Settings -> General Settings -> Conversion Rules”.

4) Lastly the emails from the SAP spplication are stored in a queue. A background job needs to be created to collect the emails from the queue and process/send them. You can schedul ethe job in SAPconnect with SCOT as follows:

  • From the user menu in SCOT select View–>Jobs
  • Select Create
  • Enter a job name and confirm it.
  • Select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL Sending requests
  • Schedule the job to run periodically for example every 10 mins.

For more information, refer to the online documentation for SAPconnect (component BC-SRV-COM).

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