Item usage

Q – This question is regarding item usage.
I know that item usage is one of the determinants of item category at transactional level, but wonder how the system is picking up this value. I know that item usage can be defined in IMG and further used in determination settings for item category. My doubt is how system is determining the value of item usage at transactional level (for example while creating quotation or order).

A – The item determination based upon item usage can be proposed in sales document processing either by the Customer Material Information Record (VD51) or by ABAP code, based upon specific process or material characteristics. An example of the determination of the item usage is often found in Includes such as – FV45PFAP_VBAP_FUELLEN.

Additional info – Data Element – VWPOS
Used in KNMT, T184, TVVW and others.


  1. N Pithey September 7, 2012 at 3:57 pm · Reply

    If you want an item in a Sales BOM to be free you can configure your own indicator for the ‘Relevant to sales’ field found in the Item Status section of the BOM item. When configuring the indicator set the ‘Item Usage’ field to something that will determine a free of charge item category in the Sales Order, for example, item usage ‘FREE’ is used with the order type ‘OR’, item category group ‘NORM’, and higher level item category group ‘TAN’ to determine free of charge item category ‘TANN from the item category determination configuration used by the Sales Order.

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