User Menus

Tip – Sometimes you may wish a user to login to a specific area menu or transaction code. This can be easily done by assigning the area menu or transaction code to the user profile. To set the user start menu in CRM to CRM_MENU, assign the start menu to the users profile in SU01.

To see what area menus are available in Standard SAP check the values in SE43. Here are some good area menus:

VA00 Sales
VC00 Sales Support
VF00 Billing
VKP0 Pricing
VL00 Shipping
VS00 Sales Master Data
VT00 Transportation


  1. Ketan Dafle September 8, 2010 at 7:46 am · Reply

    You can one more transaction to be added to user profile
    transaction code-SD01 – This is the Sales and Distribution area menu.

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