IDoc numbers related to Sales Documents

SAP used to have the Workflow button in VA02 and VA03, up to Version 4.7.
Due to impact on performance it was de-activated, and made optionally active depending on a user parameter.
If you would like to re-activate the workflow button the sales documents simply do the following:
  1. Go to your user parameters, transaction SU3.
  2. Select Parameter tab.
  3. Enter Parameter – SD_SWU_ACTIVE with value – X
This will activate the workflow for all sales documents including VF02 VF03.
To see the IDoc related to that transaction simply open the document then select the button, on the left hand side of the title, then select the “Relationships” from the drop down list. The IDocs will now be shown to you in a dialog box. Double click on an IDoc to see the contents.

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