Update Delivery Item Status VBUP LIPS

Update Delivery Item Status VBUP LIPS

On Some occasions due to technical issue or user mistakes, system won’t update the status, which  may lead to a shipment error.

This is identified by having a delivery items (LIPS) without an existing delivery item status (VBUP) or delivery item statuses (VBUP) without delivery items (LIPS).

To over come this issue, use following programs.

Execute program name : WS_CORR_LIPS_VBUP_01 to delete the line items

Then execute program name : RVDELSTA to update the Delivery Header Status.

For more info use OSS note –  79210 or refer to  2006809 – Composite SAP note: How to fix delivery-related inconsistencies.

Thank you to – Shankar Madduri – for this SAP trick.

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