SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori – Free

SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori – Free

If any of you were at the SAPPHIRE 2014 event in Orlando earlier this month (June 2014) you would have heard the announcement that SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori are now bundled free with underlying licences of SAP.

 What is SAP Screen Personas?

At its highest level, it may be understood as a skin which sits over a SAP GUI. Much simpler than the old SAP GuiXT. SAP Screen Personas, has benefits in that it is easy to configure, can have multiple transactions represented in the underlying screen. It has a graphical interface which looks superb. I will give more details to configure it step by step later, but at the moment you need to know, it can sit on top of any one of the 16,000 SAP GUI screens, it can work on your own custom transactions that work through a SAP GUI. It does not work on screens which use SAP WEBDynpro. In a practical example, we are looking at using this technology to simplify the use of equipment.

 What is SAP Fiori?

This is the new strategic direction of the user experience in SAP. Its background on initial development was interesting in that it was outsourced to a cluster of specialist designers to create a design framework for all future apps and screens. The result was an initial pilot of around 18 SAP Fiori Apps, which then grew in quick succession to now approximately 300 applications, after the latest SAP Fiori release (wave 3). I will go into detail on the use and custom design/build of Fiori Apps in later posts, but for now know the following; They run through a HTML5 browser on your mobile device (or any web enabled device), you log in to SAP through the device and access a single app per function. The apps call services in SAP and provide results in real time. They do not have offline access. (This is planned through the SAP mobile platform, currently under development enhancement). In a practical example we are using this technology to permit users to apply for leave and managers to approve leave.

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