A great function module

Thank you to a good friend for this latest SAPtrick.

This post was a little harder to compile, trying to balance responsibility and this sites objective of providing the advanced SAP user, advanced SAP tips and tricks.

Here is a function module you can use to change your user authorization within a system.

1) Run SE37

2) Use Function Module – PRGN_INTERFACE_USER

3) With the settings –

USER : Your ID
ACTION : I (to add the profile) ; D (to delete the profile).

Tip 1: You may want to replace XXX_XXX with a valid profile you wish to add/remove, for example something similar to Sxx_Axx?

Tip 2: You may not have access to SE37, hmm if only there was another way to run a FM in a system. :)

Naturally, I would only recommend doing this within a development or test environment and would not do this with tip 1 and 2 in a production system.


  1. Robin Ferali June 19, 2013 at 2:28 am · Reply

    Hi Glynn !
    This FM is the one included in FM SUPRN_INS_OR_DEL_PROFILE.
    The “issue” is that some authority check are performed if the action is to insert a new profile (‘I’), even if the perfom check is at blank.
    A way to by-pass authority check should be to create a test sequence in SE37 by using single FM SUSR_USER_PROFS_RELATE_ONE and a COMMIT.

    But to be carefull with this because to give you additional right generate additional duties… :)

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