ABAP Runtime Errors Short Dump Actions

What to do when you get a short-dump or ABAP runtime error.

I do the following – you may find this useful in your day to day analysis:

  • As soon as possible I check ST22.
  • Knowing that entries in ST22 only stay 3 days before being purged.
  • From ST22 take careful note of the Server name. (You may need this for SM21).
    • Generally from ST22 you may be able to locate the source of the problem under the section called “Error analysis”.
    • If possible, depending on the transaction, press F7 and go into the ABAP editor where the problem exists. Set a breakpoint. Re-execute the logic and watch the variables.
    • If the problem is from memory whilst in debug mode, select the menu path: GotoàSystem AreasàSAP Memory (You will now be in a mode which shows Area = SMEM) This also shows the values in memory, including user parameters.
  • On some occasions you may wish to see more information on the system message log using SM21. If you do this ensure you use the menu path: System LogàChooseàRemote System Log to select the server on which the error occurred. (This opens up the instance as a selection variable on the selection parameters.)
  • It is possible the ABAP runtime error may have resulted in a terminated update, You can view these in SM13.

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