IMG values and table display values not consistent

Picture the scenario, you check a configuration value in the IMG and it has a value for example 1,00. You then check its technical table and field name (By going F1 for help and then selecting the “Technical Information” icon  you then go to SE16 and check the value and whoops, its 240.000.  Confused? No need to be.

SAP has a conversion routine on the domain of the data element of the field name. To check use a real world example:

Use SE11 and check table and field TVRO-TDVZTD, this field uses Data element TDVZTD, select the Data Type tab an double click on the Domain TSTRDURAG, check the definition tab and see the Conversion routine TSTRG. If you double click on the conversion routine you will find the Function Modules used to change the output display: CONVERSION_EXIT_TSTRG_OUTPUT.

You can now test by using SE37 and the FM – CONVERSION_EXIT_TSTRG_OUTPUT with an input parameter of 240000, which will provide you the output value of 1,00.

TIP – You can also use SE16N with table TVRO (as opposed to SE16) – double click on the output line – which will provide you with the screen output display value of 1,00 as well as the internal database value of 240000.

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