Pricing procedure performance improvement

Often people think of price procedure optimization and performance improvement only when they are forced to. Here is one of the many methods to improve the speed of sales document processing specifically related to pricing.


Activate the “Optimize accesses” functionality in the IMG. By using the following IMG path:


SAP Customizing Implementation Guide–>Sales and Distribution–>Basic Functions–>Pricing–>Pricing Control–>Define Access Sequences–>Optimize accesses


What does this do: This functionality will default an access step/s for the access sequence for a specific condition type. If no condition record is found for this access step/s, then the condition type will be ignored in the item processing of the pricing procedure.


An example of how this may help you: Picture the scenario you have 100 items in a sales document. You have an item discount set for specific customer group only. If you use this pre-step optimization, you validate the customer group is a valid value for the condition record. Therefore the price procedure will use the item discount condition type. Alternatively if the pre-step optimization does not locate a valid condition record, for this header field value, it will ignore the multiple item calls to the condition type and its condition tables in the access sequence at item level in the price procedure. This is an even more optimised solution than using a condition type specific requirement in the pricing procedure.


Run ECC6 and want a report to help you: See OSS Note 1423737

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