Language Issues and BW

Do you have a worldwide or global SAP template that is being rolled out? Or do you have the need to cater for multiple languages within your SAP BW reporting model, ranging from western characters, through Cyrillic to Mandarin or Japanese Kanji?

The solution you need to extract, import and load these language characters is much easier now with the use of Unicode, as opposed to individual code pages that systems and communications had to reply upon prior to release R/3 4.7

As a solution, simply:

a) Check your BW system and RFC connection to the source system uses Unicode. (right click on source system in RSA1, select change, and check special options tab.)

b) Check your source RFC system uses Unicode. (simply press F5 from the above screen.)

c) Ensure you have the parameter “ALL_CAPITAL” in transaction RSKC.

d) Ensure you do not convert the text to upper case, that is mark your InfoObject in RSA1 as having lowercase letters on the general tab.

Some tips:

1) A simple explanation for d is simply that some characters do not have a representative upper case to convert to.  (I am sure there are more reasons).

2) I have not found a requirement for other parameter values in RSKC, if you do find a reason, please share.

3) If you are not using Unicode, your text will be language dependent either on the logon language of the user name in the extractor or the language associated with the InfoObject. Either way you will need a custom process or solution.  Do a search on MDMP (Multi Display Multi Programming) in SCN.

4) Unicode currently supports more than 98000 characters with space for more than 1 million values.

5) If you want to test unusual characters in your SAP systems and you do not have the appropriate keyboards simply enter “charmap.exe” in the Windows Start–>Run command.

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