BADI’s in 5 Minutes

Generally if you are a developer you know all about BADI’s, if you are a functional person you possibly only know that they exist. This is what every functional person, at least needs to know about them:

A BADI is similar to a user exit.

It stands for Business Add In.

BADIs  are object orientated.

You do not need to register the code change in SAP SSCR. (SAP Software change registration).

In ECC the transaction code to display/change/create a BADI definition is SE18.

In SE18 you can also see detailed descriptions of the use and examples of standard SAP BADI’s for example use: ME_DEFINE_CALCTYPE – To reset the calculation type in a purchase order.

In ECC you can see the business implementation that calls the BADI in transaction SE19.

  • In the definition, SE18 you create an enhancement that is called from the application code
  • In the implementation, SE19  you save the code for the functions for the enhancement

How do you find a BADI:

Go to the transaction code you wish to check, for example MM02. Click on a field, select help, select technical details. (F1-F9), then double click on the program name.

  1. Search in the program for the string CL_EXITHANDLER you should find the string “CALL METHOD CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE” where you will find the relevant BADI.
  2. Alternatively you can find out the BADI name by following this post:

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