Execute a Function Module without using SE37

A number of companies restrict the execution of function modules in quality, pre-prod and prod environments, for good reason. Therefore you may find you do not have access to the transaction code SE37.  Generally experienced developers may however have access to SE38.

So how do you execute or test a function module in a system/client but wish to get around the authorization issue? Simply use SE38 with program RSFUNCTIONBUILDER.

TIP – You can sometimes use the same technique by using SE93 with the problem transaction and using the program name however do not expect to be able to bypass all authorizations.


  1. admin March 16, 2012 at 6:16 am · Reply

    From Robin Ferali – You can also launch transaction SE80, double click on Repository Information System extend Program Library and double click on Function module.
    After you have just to type your function module or search for it and execute.

    It works also for program if you don’t have access to SE38, etc….

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