Deactivate SAP menu or All user menus

You may have a requirement to control your user navigation in SAP, either you may wish to create your own area menus, or you may wish to restrict a user specific menu from being created.

You can deactivate the menus for the entire system by creating or changing records in the global settings table SSM_CUST in the view maintenance transaction SM30.

  • To globally deactivate the SAP menu, enter a record “SAP_MENU_OFF” “YES” in upper-case letters.
  • To globally deactivate all user menus enter a record “ALL_USER_MENUS_OFF” “YES” in upper-case letters.

(Note the value “CUSTOMER_MENU_OFF” is obsolete and has no effect.)

For more information refer to OSS Note 380029.

–> Dont forget you can use transaction SSM2 to set which area menu in a system is to be used as the SAP menu.

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