Customer-specific text on the SAP Gui logon screen

Why change the SAP login Screen?

Some companies choose to modifiy the login screen to:

  • Give security notice warnings to potential unauthorised access.
  • List client numbers and their use within a system.

The history:

Before Release 4.6 the logon screen was modified through program SAPMSYST screen 0020. From release 4.6 onwards it is simply modified using transaction SE61.

Proceed as follows:

Go to Transaction SE61and select the document class ‘General Text’ (selection using F4 help).

Create a text with the name ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO in the system language. (If the text does not exist in the system language, no output is made.)

TIP – Check profile parameter “zcsa/system_language” in transaction RZ11 to determine your system language.

Title lines may be used, as well as very basic text formatting. You may also include standard SAP icons within the message. A tip is to change the editor from within SE61 (Goto–>change editor), this will clearly show you the available character and paragraph codes.

Note: Creating/changing this text requires a changeable system. Therefore, for production systems, SAP recommends maintaining the text in the upstream system and then transporting it. To do this, select a transportable (customer) development class when you create the text and save the active version prior to the export.
The transport is done via the transport object R3TR  DOCT  ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO




  1. Sandy June 21, 2012 at 3:32 am · Reply

    Try these great formatting tips:
    Enter these to get an example of symbols in the text:

    To use more variables, in change mode of SE61 use the file path Insert–>Symbols–>Standard Symbols.

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