Currency and Decimal Places in SAP

The number of decimal places varies for currencies. Currencies which do not have two decimal places must be defined in SAP in table TCURX (decimal places for currency codes).

You can maintain this table in the IMG as follows: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide–>SAP NetWeaver–>General Settings–>Currencies–>Set Decimal Places for Currencies. (Transaction code Oy04)

Never delete a currency or change the decimal place value of a currency in SAP.

Some common Customizing settings for table TCURX:

ISO Currency Decimal places

ADP Andoran Peseta 0
AFA Afghani Afghani 0
BEF Belgian franc 0
BHD Bahraini dinar 3
BIF Burundi franc 0
BYB Belorussian rubel (old) 0
BYR Belorussian rubel (new) 0
CLP Chilean peso 0
COP Columbian peso 0
DEM3 (Internal) German Mark (3 Dec.) 3
DJF Djibouti franc 0
ECS Ecuadorian sucre 0
ESP Spanish peseta 0
GNF Guinea franc 0
GRD Greek drachma 0
HUF Hungarian forint 0
IDR Indonesian rupiah 0
IQD Iraqui dinar 3
ITL Italian lira 0
JOD Jordan dinar 3
JPY Japanese yen 0
KMF Comoros franc 0
KRW South Korean won 0
KWD Kuwaiti dinar 3
LAK Laos new kip 0
LUF Luxembourg franc 0
LYD Libyan dinar 3
MGF Madagascan franc 0
MZM Mozambique metical 0
OMR Omani rial 3
PTE Portugese escudo 0
PYG Paraguay guarani 0
ROL Roumanian Lei 0
RWF Rwanda franc 0
TJR Tadzhikistani rubel 0
TMM Turkmenistani manat 0
TND Tunesian dinar 3
TPE Timor escudo 0
TRL Turkish lira 0
TWD New Taiwan dollar 0
UGX Uganda shilling 0
USDN (Internal) US Dollar (5 5
VND Vietnamese dong 0
VUV Vanuata vatu 0
XPF CFP Franc 0

The contents of this table is only delivered with new installations of SAP and never upgraded.

For upgrade installations, new or changed contents of Table TCURX are not delivered.

Currency codes and decimal places for currency codes are defined in ISO standard 4217. For the specification of decimal places for currency codes, SAP uses this ISO standard.

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