Debug and change in SE16

Not a very common procedure – however you may have an instance where you are required to change a value of a record or field  in a table.  If you are unable to change the value using SM30. You may wish to debug and manipulate the abap controls of the field permissions using SE16. You can do this as follows:

1) SE16 using the table name, extract the record you wish to change.

2) /h to enter debug mode.

3) Double click on the record you wish to change.

4) Press F7.

5) Change the code from “SHOW” to “EDIT” by changing the field contents.

6) Press F8 to run to end.

The authorization to proceed in step 5 should generally only be available for advanced ABAP developers who are in an integrated or development environment and need to adjust variables to develop their code. It is very possible that the majority of the readers of this site will not have the authorization.

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