BD56 and WE20 ALE IDoc Segment Filtering

Problem with ALE IDoc segment filtering?

A common problem related to ALE IDoc segment filtering is a mis-alignment between the partner profile settings in WE20 and the segment filtering settings in BD56. Normally the settings in BD56 are maintained and transported where the values in WE20 are maintained manually in each system. If the settings in WE20 are not maintained with the same expected parameters in BD56 the segment filtering will not work. Specifically one needs to make special note that:

  • BD56 – Message Type = WE20 – Message Type
  • BD56 – Logical System Type = WE20 – Partner Type
  • BD56 – Receiver = WE20 – Partner Number
  • BD56 – Receiver Role = WE20 – Partner Role

Specifically if Receiver Role is blank then Partner role must be blank. Alternatively if a value exists such as LS (Logical System) the same value must be in both fields.

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