How to create a Price Report in 15 minutes

Objective: You wish to create a report listing specific condition records with associated condition record validity dates, but you wish to extract data relevant for a specific customer across multiple condition types. This would normally entail you having to do multiple extracts or creating a specific query/custom ABAP program. A standard SAP solution is to create a price report, which can be done very quickly and effectivly.


Procedure to Create a SAP Price Report:

  1. Access the IMG: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide–>Sales and Distribution–>Basic Functions–>Pricing–>Maintain Pricing Report
  2. Select “Create Pricing Report”
  3. Enter a Name and Title
  4. Now select a field which is part of the condition table within your access sequence assigned to your condition type. For example you may select the field KUNNR. (Be careful as more than 1 technical field may have the same Field name description). (A good tip is to not select too many fields.)
  5. Select the OR or AND buttons depending on the number of fields you have selected.
  6. You will now have a list of all the pricing tables which contain the field you have selected. Select the tables for which you would like the report to extract the data. (Be careful as each field which is represented in a table will need to be represented in the final report, so you may not wish to have too many variables.)
  7. Now select the Next Step (F5)You can select which fields are used as selection parameters or not. All fields must have a position assigned in the report; Page Header –Group Header –Item level –

Result: You can now execute the report with transaction V/LD.


  1. Chandrashekhar Jain October 4, 2011 at 3:50 am · Reply

    Thanks for such a good discussion group created for Advance users of SAP.

    I have another problem.

    How can I get easily view or get the report of multiple items at one go on monthly basis showing their PROCUREMENT PRICEs. This is mainly relevant to “V” items.

  2. Rajeev Monga November 6, 2011 at 8:46 am · Reply

    This information is very helpful for me…. Thanks alot for such kind of discussion..

  3. Michael Bergner December 14, 2011 at 12:52 pm · Reply

    Is there a way to show 2 (or multiple) condition types in 1 line?
    E. g. there are 2 condition types defined and there are 2 entries for 1 customer/material in A005.
    The 2 conditions are additional costs and I would like to display these conditions together in 1 line.

    Is this possible to set up with V/LC?

  4. Sundar Raghuraman January 17, 2014 at 11:16 am · Reply

    Similar provision available for PROCUREMENT (Application M) also. You can use Transactions M_LA, M_LB, M_LC and M_LD.

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