So which system is connected?

I work on a large landscape of 110 SAP systems (not clients). Every now and then someone asks if a specific system is connected to another, there is no way I can remember which systems are connected. Depending on what system they are referring to one may be able to execute a system specific transaction. However as a dependable alternative one may simply use SM59 and view the connected systems.

Here you can view the following connections:

  • R/3 connections
  • HTTP Connections to R/3 System
  • Internal connections
  • Logical destinations
  • TCP/IP connections
  • Connections via ABAP/4 driver

Tip – Depending on your settings (If the logon data is saved on the Logon/security tab) you may even be able to login to a connected system remotely from within SM59, simply select the R/3 connection and selecting “Remote logon” button.


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