ABAP Code Inspector

Do you need to easily check the performance of an ABAP program or do some analysis on its code?

You can use the transaction SCI.

This is a very powerful transaction code, which can do more than a performance check.

However here is an example of one of the more simpler uses:

From transaction SCI.

-Enter Person responsible

-Enter A name and version and select the “Create” Icon.

From the new screen

-Select the “Single” radio button

-From the drop down select “PROG Program”

-Enter the program/report you wish to analyse in the adjacent field.

-Under the check variant section enter “PERFORMANCE_CHECKLIST” (If this value does not work simply select the value from the F4 match-code selection list).

-Select Execute

From the next screen select the “Results” Icon (Shift + F6).

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