Batch Input Recordings SM35

What: A Batch Input Recording is a recording of a series of screens and fields

Why: A Batch Input Recording can be used for multiple uses, some of the more common ones are:

  • To test functionality after a change has been done in the system.
  • To enter data into a system.
  • To create a Function module.
  • To create a program.

How: Create a Batch Input Recording via transaction SHDB.

Brief Process:

  1. Transaction SHDB
  2. Select New Recording button.
  3. Enter a recording name and a transaction code for example VD02. (Update mode = A, CATT mode = No CATT, Defualt size checked and all other fields unchecked.)
  4. Start Recording –> Follow the screen and field sequence you wish to record.
  5. At Commit (save) the recording will end and you will be provided with a list of program and screen and field names, with entered values.
  6. Now Save
  7. What you have created now is a simple recording of a sequence of steps with 1 unique set of transactional or master data. As you have no variables in the load/runtime you cannot use this recording to load data or for any other purposes than simple test executions.
  8. An idea on its use – Execute this same recording any time you change customising and wish to run a series of automated non regression tests.
  9. To execute it you need to create a batch input session, from within SHDB select “Create Session”, which will then create a session to be executed in SM35.
  10. Go to SM35 select your session and execute it.

I will do another post with the steps to create a data transfer program using a Batch Input Recording.


  • Not all BDC OK codes work such as /nxxxx where xxxx is a transaction code. Another code which does not work is /i
  • If you wish to set the cursor on a field in a screen in the batch input use
    –   Utility field BDC_CURSOR and specify the field name:    For example: Cursor on field HUGO, then BDC_CURSOR = HUGO.
  • To go to the Batch Input menu, choose “System” -> “Services” -> “Batch input”
  • With batch input running, you can:. Delete a running transaction   OK code /bdel or BI menu. Call the next transaction              /n       -“-. Terminate batch input                  /bend    -“-. Set the processing mode  . Process in foreground        OK code /bda  or BI menu   . Display errors only                /bde     -“-. Activate expert mode          OK code /bdx  or BI menu. Deactivate expert mode                /bdy     -“
  • You can record sessions using SHDB (The transaction Recorder).
  • You can examine logs/print/export and archive them with SM35P.


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