EDI – IDoc Segment Qualifiers Actions Sundry tips

Have you ever looked for documentation on an IDoc type, listing all segments, all fields including descriptions in the segment and all actions/qualifiers or possible selection values for a field?

You can get all this information by generating a report on a specific IDoc type by using the following function module in Se37:  IDOCTYPE_READ_COMPLETE

Put the IDoc basic type for example “ORDERS05” in the field “PI_IDOCTYP” then select the Test Icon.

Alternatively Should you wish to see all qualifiers for a specific segment you can use the Function module “SEGMENT_READ_COMPLETE”.

Enter the segment, for example “E1EDK02” in the field “PI_SEGTYP” and select the Test Icon. In this example segment you will find there are 92 possible qualifiers.

Unrelated Sundry EDI OSS notes

A great OSS note regarding EDI with 27 questions and answers is “SAP Note 456127 – FAQ: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)in purchasing” .

Another OSS note which gives the settings to use in WE20 when you use the Message Control tab –  “SAP Note 389713 – VE 561: Partner nnn is not an EDI partner”.

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