Send a SAP message via a dialog box in the GUI

This one has been a personal trick of mine for a few years. Use it with caution and hopefully all you system administrators have restricted this functionality (Function Module testing) to responsible users.

There are a number of requirements where you may wish to send a message to a specific user or all users in a system. Yes there are alternative solutions in doing this, but here is a simple and powerful method.

You can send a message which will be pushed to the user on the users desktop via a dialog box through the SAP GUI.  To do this  simply use SE37 and the Function Module “TH_POPUP”.

Beware what values you use in the import parameters.

If you do not use a user ID, the system will send the message to everyone in the system.

If you use a user ID the system will send the message to that user only.  The user must be logged into the system to receive the message.

An example of settings you can use:

  • CLIENT                          211   (Your client)
  • USER                            S1010631     (Your user ID)
  • MESSAGE                         PLEASE RELEASE SALES DOC 1234567 URGENTLY    (Any Message)
  • MESSAGE_LEN                     0



  1. Jolinna May 25, 2011 at 9:34 am · Reply

    How if we want to type and dispay the message in thai languages?

  2. admin May 25, 2011 at 12:27 pm · Reply

    The Thai language code in SAP is TH.
    The Language is controlled in this FM by the value in ” CUT_BLANKS”.
    Setting a value in “CUT_BLANKS” will not translate the text/message.
    I do not know the impact of using a value in this field – if anyone knows please share the details.

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