Background Job Variants

You may know how to check the parameter values of a variant in SM37 by checking the variant name associated with the program being executed. But what do you do if the variant was created ad-hoc and has not been saved. That is it was a temporary variant with a name similar to SAP&0001.

You can see the values used in temporary variants by doing the following:

From the job overview within SM37:

  1. Select the Job that was run/is running.
  2. Select the “Step” button (Ctrl+Shift+F9)
  3. Select the program name.
  4. Then select the menu path Goto–>Variant

Also – A tip is changing the defaulted Job Overview screen Layout to add the “Executing server” to the display. Do this from within the Job Overview of SM37 by selecting (Ctrl+F7).

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