Efficiency in SAP with Parameters

Using SAP as a consultant or super user you may find yourself always entering the same data over and over again. You may save time by having the system automatically populate these fields. Some common culprits are:

  • Sales organisation
  • Distribution Channel
  • Division

You can set the value automatically for any field that has a parameter by settings its value in your user profile. To do this first locate the fields parameter, by selecting the field and then selecting F1 (Help) followed by F9 (Technical Information).

Some common parameters are:

  • Sales organisation VBAK-VKORG – parameter = VKO
  • Distribution Channel VBAK-VTWEG – parameter = VTW
  • Division VBAK-SPART – parameter = SPA

Proceed to your user profile, either with SU3 or SU01 and enter the Parameter ID and Parameter Value  in the “Parameter” tab.

Now each time you access that field the value will automatically be defaulted.

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