Search Transports by IMG

So picture the scenario: You see an article which is configured has been changed in the IMG, but you do not know which transport was responsible. You could search with SE10 via table names, but did you know there is an easier method?

If you are trying to locate a transport/s of a specific IMG activity or object it is very easy to do, without even using the table names, simply use transaction SE 10 with the following steps:

1) Select Transport and organizer tools (Shift +F6).

2) Select “Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks”.

3) Select 1/2 down the page for “IMG Activity” then select F4.

4) Now select the place in the IMG, the lowest drill down level possible, for which you wish to search for transports, which include those changed objects.

5) Then select the date range and Status “modifiable” or “Released” and execute.

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