Default SAP User SAP*

The User SAP* is a “hard-coded” user that does not have a user master record in the delivery system, it is not subject to any authorization checks (and therefore has all authorizations), and has an unchangeable default password.

The User SAP* is not treated like a “normal” user until a user master record is created for it.  Once the user master record exists, SAP* is subject to authorization checks and can be assigned a different password.

In most systems people assign the user all authorizations.

Some default passwords used for SAP* are:



But in most cases these should have already been changed in any system/client you are working in. However as the password is system and client specific it could be that the password change has not been carried out in a specific client, for example the SAP Earlywatch client of “066”. So if you feel like experimenting you could try access client “066” with user “SAP*” and password “PASS “.

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