Basic SAP Workflow Function Modules

SWW_WI_POPUP_FOR_COMPLETION                          ” shows the compeleted status of a workflow

SWW_ADDR_KEY_CREATE_FROM_USER                      ” display the address of the user or recipient

SWW_WI_DELETE                                                          ” delete work item

SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT                                     ” create work item as result of event

SWW_WI_DEADLINE_CHANGE                                     ” change of deadline attribute of work item

SWW_WI_COMP_EVENT_RECEIVE                               ” complete workitem using events

SWW_WI_REJECT                                                         ” reject work item

SWW_WI_EVENT_RECEIVE                                          ” retrive event for a workflow

SWW_WI_DISABLE                                                       ” lock workitem against execution

SWW_WI_ENABLE                                                        ” remove lock against execution of workitem


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