Important SAP Workflow Transaction Codes

The area menu ‘SWLD’ lists all the transactions associated with Business workflows.

SWDD – Main Workflow Builder.

PFTC – General task maintenance.

SWO1- Business Object Builder.

SBWP- The Business Workplace SWDM – Business Workflow Explorer

SWELS –  Switch Event Trace On/Off

SWETYPV – Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages

SWUS – Test Workflow

SWUI – Start Workflow

SWI6 – Workflow for Objects

SW14 – Workflows for Objects Types

SWDB – Workflow Builder – Create Workflow

SWLV – Maintain Views


PFTC_INS – Create

PFTC_CHG – Change

PFTC_DIS – Display


PFTC_DEL – Delete

Tcodes Related To Events

Events Creation

BSVW – Status management

NACE – Message Control

AWUW – Logistics Information System (LIS)

Event Linkages

SWB_COND – Workflow Start Conditions

Work item analysis

SWI2_FREQ – Work Items Per Task

SWI2_DEAD – Work Items With Monitored Deadlines

SWI2_DURA – Work Items By Processing Duration

Task analysis

SWI11 – Tasks in Workflows

SWI13 – Task profile



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