Set System Time Out

Question - Is it possible to set a user specific Time Out?

Answer - The system time out is set at the system level not user level, by maintaining the parameter value in transaction RZ10 for a specific profile and version under “Extended Maintenance”.
Maintain the parameter – rdisp/gui_auto_logout with a value that is in seconds, for example 600 = 10 minutes.

Parameter description :

You can define that inactive users are automatically logged off from the SAP system after a specific period of time has expired. This parameter specifies the time period in seconds.

By default, the automatic logoff is deactivated in the SAP system (value 0), that is, the users are not logged off, even if they do not perform any actions over a long period of time.

NOTE: Advanced Tip – this is a different parameter to “rdisp/max_wprun_time” which is used to control the maximum runtime of a process step within a dialog process. (Not background process.)


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