How To: Generate a WSDL from a RFC Function Module

WSDL – Web Service Description language – (WSDL, pronounced ‘wiz-del’) is an XML-based language that provides a model for describing Web services. (A web service is typically an application programming interface (API) or Web API that is accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and executed on a remote system, hosting the requested service.)

An example in layman’s terms is, you can have a RFC (Remote Function Call) function module which is used in SAP for example to create a sales document. You then have a company outside of your system which needs to send the input parameters to your system in order to create the sales document. The process to follow below will create the interface WSDL which the external company can use to place the data.

  1. Select the Function module for which you wish to create the WSDL, either from transaction SE80 or Se37.
  2. Check in the Attributes of the FM that the FM has a processing type of “Remote-Enabled Module”.
  3. From within the FM use the following menu path: Utilities–>More Utilities–>Create Web Service –>From the Function Module.
  4. Then follow the Create Web service Wizard.
  5. You will need to create a workbench transport request.
  6. Then go to transaction WSCONFIG to see the web service for SOAP runtime. Double click on the web service.
  7. Go to transaction WSADMIN and select the web service.
  8. Then use the menu path: Web Service–>WSDL to generate the WSDL.
  9. You are now able to use the WSDL and URL. Use a user interface like SOAPUI to send values and check the response.

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