BAPI Explorer

RFC  (Remote Function Calls) may be made to the function module on which the BAPI is based. Knowing how to obtain the correct BAPI will therefore help you in your system design.

3 popular BAPI names are:

  1. GetList
    1. Delivers a list of field values which satisfies certain selection criteria.
  2. GetDetail
    1. Delivers detailed information of an object, whose complete key has been specified.
  3. CreateFromData
    1. Creates transactional records and returns information

To view the BAPI’s execute transaction BAPI.

  • Use the Hierarchial tree to navigate to a function, for example:

Sales and Distribution –> Sales –> SalesOrder:

You can now see a list of BAPI method names:

  • ChangeFromData
  • CreateFromDat1
  • CreateFromDat2
  • CreateFromData
  • CreateWithDia
  • GetList
  • GetStatus
  • Simulate

Should you select any one of them you will see in the right hand window the Function Module name for example:

  1. Select method “GetList”
    1. The corresponding function module is – BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST
  2. You can now go to transaction SE37 insert the function module name – BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST and press test.
  3. Enter some values in the selection parameters for the data you wish to search on:

And press execute – you will now be able to view the returned information.

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