Master Data – Message Type / IDoc Type

Here are the Basic Types and Message Types for all Master Data IDocs as well as a link to the entire structure in SAP.

General Message types / IDoc types

Vendor                                                          CREMAS / CREMAS02

Customer                                                       DEBMAS / DEBMAS03

Accounting Message types / IDoc types

G/L account                                                   GLMAST / GLMAST01

Cost center                                                    COSMAS / COSMAS01

Cost element                                                 COELEM / COELEM01

Cost center group                                          COGRP1 / COGRP01

Cost element group                                       COGRP1 / COGRP01

Activity type                                                COAMAS / COAMAS01

Activity group                                               COGRP1 / COGRP01

Activity price                                                COACTV / COACTV01

Profit center                                                 PRCMAS / PRCMAS01

Profit center group                                        COGRP1 / COGRP01

Profit center account group                           COGRP1 / COGRP01

Logistics Message types / IDoc types

Article master                                               ARTMAS / ARTMAS02

Additional                                                     MMADDI / MMADDI01

Product catalog                                             PRDCAT / PRDCAT01

Product catalog item                                     PRDPOS / PRDPOS01

Price list                                                        PRICAT / PRICAT01

Assortment                                                   ASSORTMENT / ASSORTMENT01

Material master                                             MATMAS / MATMAS03

Service master                                               SRVMAS / SRVMAS01

Characteristic                                                CHRMAS / CHRMAS02

Class                                                              CLSMAS / CLSMAS03

Classification                                                 CLFMAS / CLFMAS01

Document                                                     DOCMAS / DOCMAS04

Purchasing info record                                   INFREC / INFREC01

Conditions                                                     COND_A / COND_A01

Order book                                                    SRCLST / SRCLST01

Change master                                               ECMMAS / ECMMAS01

Bill of material                                              BOMMAT / BOMMAT01

Document BOM                                            BOMDOC / BOMDOC01

Work breakdown structure                             Project / PROJECT01

Human Resources Message types / IDoc types

PA object type person                                   HRMD_A / HRMD_A03

PD object types                                             HRMD_A / HRMD_A03

Basis Message types / IDoc types

User master record                                        USERCLONE / USERCLONE01

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