SAP Tips – Work Process Types

Checking SM66 or SM50, the following process types are used:

  • DIA – Work process for executing dialog steps in user transactions
  • UPD – Update process for executing update requests
  • ENQ – Process for executing enqueue requests
  • BTC – Process for executing batch requests
  • SPO – Process for executing spool requests
  • UP2 – Process for executing V2 update requests

Tip – Remember if the available processes are fully used, the system will not be able to respond for that type of work process. This is why there should be user time out/limits on transactions as well as a maximum number of permitted user sessions and limited execution of reports/programs which have a long processing time.

An example of an insufficiently controlled system would be – a system could have 14 dialog work process sessions and 3 users could execute SE16 on a large table on 5 sessions/each- the result would be all dialog sessions are used and further online processing for all other system users would stop.

(I once worked at a car manufacturing site – the entire plant stopped operating as 1 user, used his and a friends user id to run multiple SE16 table extracts, using up all available dialog sessions.)

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